"The capacity to learn is a GIFT, the ability to learn is a SKILL & the willingness to learn is a CHOICE." ~ Brain Herbert. This section reflects things I learn from my day to day life. I will primarily write about Technology, Upcoming Digital Marketing Techniques, Sales Approach & some other random learnings. Please note: All the learnings/viewpoints are my own. The way I perceive them without questioning anybody else's thoughts.


Favorite season is here

Can you feel the magic in air like I do! Although I am not a great fan of winters because it kind of slows everything down & a hyperactive personality like mine feels like trapped behind walls of office & home.

It’s the Christmas, Holiday Feels that actually does the trick for me. I love the way this time of the year calms my restless soul. I love the fact that everybody is in a relaxed state of mind, be it clients, team or kids!! Everyone seems extra cheerful to me during this time of the year. I love how people plan their travels, share pictures. It is technically a time period where irrespective whatever religion they follow are still lost in the magic of Christmas, faith & excitement to welcome the upcoming year.

Let me quickly share some my favorite pictures collected from different sources that truly help me feel warm, Christmas & Happy. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.
Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

Christmas Tree

Christmas Treewould love to try this one with kids but unfortunately I got no empty walls

Wollen Socks

Because my feet are cold all the time

Fancy Food Fancy Food

Food to try & share


Planning Holidays

Shopping List

How are we forgetting Shopping ??