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It feels like wasting the entire opportunity

By on April 28, 2020

Entire Social Media is full of stories, experiences from Covid-19. Some healed and moved on while others are waiting for a Green light to carry on with the usual life. Until then, all it feels is like an extended holiday wherein you are merely dragging yourself from 1 day to another.

I feel so pathetic looking back at days gone by, totally like a loser who failed to accomplish goals that I wanted to personally achieve during this lockdown. There were so many activities I wanted to do like:

1. Finish reading a few books
2. Meditate Everyday
3. Eat sensibly everyday (BIG FAIL)
4. Learn a thing or two from online courses
5. Practice Yoga

I definitely carry a regret because Half leg of this lockdown is almost over & so far there has been no success. Hopefully, documenting this will give me enough motivation to move forward & try and accomplish a thing or two before the other half of lockdown is over.

How are you all doing? Did you accomplish any goals?