"The capacity to learn is a GIFT, the ability to learn is a SKILL & the willingness to learn is a CHOICE." ~ Brain Herbert. This section reflects things I learn from my day to day life. I will primarily write about Technology, Upcoming Digital Marketing Techniques, Sales Approach & some other random learnings. Please note: All the learnings/viewpoints are my own. The way I perceive them without questioning anybody else's thoughts.

Beauty Spots to visit near Indore

Beauty Spots to visit near Indore

By on September 9, 2020

The vibrant and colorful city of Indore has a variety to offer. Be it hot and spicy street food or royal palaces, this city is full of life and offers many attractive spots to visit. Being born an brought up in Indore, I have shortlisted 7 most beautiful spots for you. So post this corona […]

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Hello after almost a month ;),   December was one AMAZING month. I traveled almost every week & every trip was unique in its own different ways. Week 1 was a Girls trip wherein we went to Jaipur. It was the first time and after a LONG time, I travelled without my kids & Rajiv. […]

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10 Weekend Getaways from Delhi NCR

10 Weekend Getaways from Delhi NCR

By on September 25, 2019

Dusshera & Diwali breaks are around the corner so I thought of curating a list of 10 destinations that are around Delhi NCR & can surely bring the much needed change. Most importantly, though these trips are short they work as tonic leaving you refreshed so that you may get back to your work with […]

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